VR Slots – The Future of Online Casinos

How VR Slots are Changing Online Casinos

Virtual Reality has made a huge impact on the world of gaming in recent times. When the initial technology first appeared to the general public in the 1990s, it wasn’t too well received. However, over the last 25 years the technology has undergone a massive overhaul. It’s no longer clunky and with substandard graphics. Virtual Reality has finally managed to become the tech that it was originally envisioned to be. So, where has its impact been felt the most?

Dedicated Gaming Systems

One of the biggest players in the Virtual Reality world is the Oculus Rift. It is quite often seen as the name most associated with modern Virtual Reality and as Oculus have the backing of Facebook, there is a good chance that they will continue to drive forwards as a main player in the VR world. What makes the Oculus most striking is that it can connect to a PC, rather than a console. This means that it will not become obsolete like a console based VR system would. It also means that the Rift can connect to browser based games as well, which increases the roster of games that are available.

Playing at an Online Casino

Quite a wide range of online casinos, such as delanocasino.com have started to make the move towards embracing technology to provide their services. This has led to an advance in the quality of VR games that are available. The most notable is the rise in VR slots. These provide players with a fully immersive video slot experience in true 3D. The method of playing the slots is the same, but the game itself is a whole new sensory experience. While VR slots aren’t available at all online casinos just yet, as the technology becomes more commonplace expect them to outnumber regular video slots in the future.

Other Possibilities for VR

One of the main appeals of online casinos is that they offer players the chance to play a huge number of games, without needing to spend a huge amount. Because the games for VR devices tend to be quite expensive, the number of games that players own tends to be a lot smaller than on other gaming systems. A lot of online casino players tend to ask themselves: do you love free games?This is because playing through VR at an online casino provides hundreds of free games to players. It instantly makes a huge roster of games available without having to spend a small fortune to get it. This is why technology has been devoted to developing a range of VR games for online casinos.

The live casino section of an online casino is where the most potential for VR lies. Imagine being able to walk through the casino, sit at the table for the game you would like to play or maybe just take in the view. VR offers this opportunity and as the technology continues to improve and it makes its way into more homes, a fully VR casino could well be available in the future.