Spending Post Valentines Day Getting Married In Game by Ragnarok M

It’s Valentine Day and most of the people might celebrated with their love but also have some will prefer stay at home lonely. If you are a gamer, there’s nothing like a good game to keep the blues away, Ragnarok M had planned some new for you that allow you to celebrate the Valentine Day through the game.

People may been heard a lot of romantic story from Ragnarok M which consist of the purest love story by holding the hands and traveling from Prontera to Amatsu, making the vows under the Sakura Tree and promise with: “ I do!” So, Ragnarok M had updated “Sakura Bride” marriage system into the game!

Ragnarok said that only those level 95 or above are allow to travel to Amatsu at Captain Karoo from Izlude Island. Then, players can go to the Cherry Tree to complete the mission gave by “Miss Hanako” and these players only will be available to get married in the game. Players also can reserve the wedding date by going to the new NPC “Miss Happiness” at Pontera Catheral while holding the hands with your love beauty!

There have some wedding process that need to follow, such as Royal Wagon Parade, Friends enter and attend the ceremony, Sacred ritual starts, Happy moment arrives, Realm of romantic honeymoon. After complete every step in the process, then you will receive a Marriage Certificate and you are also encourage to look forward to wedding exclusive skills and a honeymoon room are waiting for you and your lover to unlock!