First Gaming Monitor provide by Razer is Ready to Come

Razer had released their first gaming monitor as become the symbol of gaming hardware manufacturing company’s step into standalone display space. Razer had confirmed that the Razer Raptor will be released within this year with a heavy price tag which around RM2800. It means this heavy price tag would enhance every gamer’s experience.

Razer Raptor consist a 27-inch screen with 2560 x 1440 QHD resolution, a 144Hz refresh rate and between a 1ms (with Motion Blur reduction) and 7ms (typical) response rate. Besides that, the brightness of the screen can be adjust up to 420 nits and it can support HDR. There is one disadvantage on it which is the monitor only supports AMD’s FreeSync tech, not Nvidia G-Sync. So it may lose their target customers which with Nvidia and they may want to skip out on this for now.

Audience are tried to encourage to expect the Chroma colours which is the Razer’s branding at the bottom in term of design. Otherwise, they also can make some changes on the height and swivel the monitor to 90 degrees and also access the chords and connections easily without moving too much. Razer Raptor had make its monitor look wider and come out with an integrated cord management system on the backby provide the super thin bezels around the display. Other than that, Razer Raptor also consist of special flat, Razer green- coloured cables for managing inputs without spoiling the design, especially the power cord, HDMI, displayport, USB-C and USB-A.

As Rzaer Raptor haven’t launch yet, so just let us see and wait patiently and wait for its actual performace and reviews. In the same time, it is definitely something new that need us to keep an eye on it. For find out more details information, can refer to Razer Raptor from their official website.