Clash of Clans World Championship- Reveal by ESL and Supercell for $1M

Supercell and ESL decide to partner as to produce 1M USD Clash of Clans World Championship. This will be the largest single-event prize pool to date for Clash of Clans which consist of 5v5 competitive mode.
This Clash of Clans World Championship total will have 8 teams and these 8 teams will compete through offline qualifier at new arena in Katowice, Poland monthly and top four teams will be chosen from each platform go to online pre-qualifiers. This online pre-qualifiers will begin on 1st March 2019 and can be played within iOS and Android strategy game itself.
Supercell and the Clash of Clans community will select another two additional teams and go to the final round. This final will be held “at one of ESL’s mega-events in Germany on the big stage in front of a live audience” in this year. Importantly this matches will be focus on the new 5v5 team mode.